• Where do I sign in to access my online course(s)?

    Press the green SIGN IN TO LEARNING AREA button on the top banner of this page.

  • Where do I find my login details to access my purchased course(s)?

    After you purchased your online course from our online course website, you would have received an email with login instructions. If this email is not in your inbox, please double check your junk and spam boxes and inbox and deleted items again.

  • I still need help to sign in to my online course. What can I do?

    If you have double-checked your inbox, junk, spam and deleted emails and don't have your login details to access the online course(s) you purchased, please reach out to our course admin contact, Victoria Foster. Contact Details Are: Email: [email protected]


  • How do I get my course certificate(s)?

    After you complete your course, you will see a button to get your certificate on the top left side of your course menu. If you missed that, don't worry, you can view or download a PDF of your certificate any time within your student's account settings, by following the easy steps below.

    1. Sign In to our Short CPD Learning site by pressing the green sign-in button on the top banner of this page.
    2. Click the account menu on the top right.
    3. Select My Account.
    4. Select Certificates on the left menu.
    5. Click View on the desired certificate.
    6. Here you can view or download your certificates